Atman Spirits

    • Parque ESPAÑA
    • CDMX, (Mexico City)
    • DF
    • 06140
    • DF
    • Mexico

Atman Distillery

We make contemporary London Dry style Gin (new western Gin), the way it should be…

In 2017, two Friends Pepe and Alex set out to experiment with fermenting, distilling, macerating and re-distilling to create Mexico City´s finest and freshest Gin of uncompromising quality.

Why Atman?
It´s quite simple, because we think that nothing less than the spirit within, the breath or inner soul of all spirits is what we are aiming to achive with every drop of every batch for each bottle. Our Gin-making is done by hand and from the careful selection of high quality botanicals to the final bottle you are holding in your hands, we treat each step with extreme care and dedication, thoughtfull elaboration and realised in small batches, run through our reflux column stills.