Cav. Pietro Bordiga S.R.L.

    • Via Valle Maira 98
    • Cuneo
    • 12100
    • Italy

Over the years Bordiga grows and thanks to the genuineness and quality of its products becomes the reference point not only for Vermouth, but also for liqueurs and spirits. At the beginning of the 20th century Bordiga stills a juniper spirit that still today does not envy the most famous gins in the world.

Bordiga never stopped producing since 1888 and the production remains that of the origins. The difficulty is enormous (testify the innumerable closures of well-known brands) but the philosophy and the quality that inspired the founder are not betrayed. Even with standard difficulties we continue to always produce starting from selected and high quality raw materials.

The good Piedmontese wine, the alpine medicinal herbs still hand-picked by the mountaineers, the finest spices, the purest wheat alcohol, the finest sugar and the water of our Alps are still today as in the distant 1888 the base for our master distillers to produce the renowned Bordiga products today appreciated all over the world.