Durbanville Distillery

    • 36 Sycamore Crescent
    • Cape Town
    • 7550
    • South Africa


Modernisation of an age-old craft

Durbanville Distillery is very proud of their products and have come a long way in preparing the ultimate solution for liquor manufacture. Their method is different but superior. They have followed a different route making use of the latest technology and applying it to their designs.

For Robert and Eugene, it was the virtue of cold distillation which caught their interest. Cold distillation is when a vacuum is created within the still, lowering the boiling-point of alcohol. In their case the boiling temperature is brought from the traditional 78°c down to a low 28°c.

Benefits of cold distillation include lower energy consumption and separation efficiency, however the greatest benefit, of course, is taste! Cold distillation leaves the structure of botanical molecules unchanged, retaining their natural flavours and aromas which would otherwise be boiled and altered by traditional distillation. By avoiding conventional boiling temperatures all harsh notes are prevented leaving the most smooth, clear and palatable spirit.
A near perfect vacuum is drawn in their still Eve.