• Still Bay East
    • Western Cape
    • Stilbaai
    • South Africa

Founded by Lorna Scott and developed by her family in the local community of Still Bay, Inverroche has grown from a small home industry to the largest South African gin brand in just 6 years.

Inverroche takes its name from the combination of two words that pay homage to the Scott ancestry, referencing both their Celtic and Gaelic backgrounds; the Scottish word Inver meaning ‘a confluence of water’ and the French word Roche meaning ‘rock or stone’ are the very elements that have come together in Still Bay to create the conditions necessary to make these world class, one-of-a-kind gins.

Today the brand has three distinct gins, made using only a handful of the more than 9,000 Fynbos botanicals and are sold in 15 countries around the globe.