• Carretera Austral km 350
    • La Junta
    • Cisnes
    • 6010000
    • Aysén
    • Chile

A brave, little distillery located on the Austral Highway in Chilean Patagonia dedicated to carefully combining and transforming local treasures into handcrafted liquid jewels as an ode to magnificent nature, great spirits and the celebration of life.

Inaugurated on the 1st of September 2018
First spirit: Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest
London Dry Gin 43°ABV
Distilled by direct fire in a 500 L copper pot still.
100% neutral grain spirit distilled with 14 botanicals of which 7 are native and foraged in local forests and others include Chilean citrics. Diluted with pure Patagonian glaciar-, snowmelt and rainwater collected from a waterfall in a pristine forest at the foot of a mountain.

Whisky Single Malt expected in 2023