Windspiel Manufaktur

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    • Germany

own-to-earth and epicurean.
An unusual affinity.

Combining British gin-making tradition with German craftsmanship, the Windspiel manufactory, based in the volcanic Eifel, brings a Gin to the market that carries the intensive aromas of juniper berries, citrus fruits and ten different botanicals.

The first batch is limited to 1,600 bottles. “What makes the Navy Strength Gin so special is the alcohol content of 57 per cent that gives it a more intensive taste,” says Sandra Wimmeler, who co-founded Windspiel with Denis Lönnendonker.

Like all their spirits, it is based on alcohol from homegrown potatoes. “We distil the alcohol three ways in a unique process. This makes it very fine and mild, so it carries the botanicals of our Navy Strength Gin perfectly.”