Woodstock Gin Company

    • 399 Albert Road
    • Woodstock
    • 7925
    • South Africa

The Woodstock Gin Company produces small batches of premium gin through a carefully controlled fractional distillation process.

The Woodstock Gin Company was founded by Simon Von Witt, the passionate distiller of our Fynbos infused South African gin.

Nestled neatly between Salt River and Woodstock is a bustling and creative commercial complex called the Salt River Arcade. Within this lies our small yet highly productive micro-distillery named the Woodstock Gin Company.

We believe that South Africa can produce high-quality handcrafted gin that would make even the Brits turn their heads. As we continue to push the boundaries of concocting new and exciting gin recipes, we welcome you to come and taste our gin and open your taste buds to what the gin world has to offer.

We also produce a well balanced Tonic Water to have the perfect blend.