Clocking in at 57 percent alcohol, navy strength gin is strong.
This gin derives its name from British naval soldiers who would douse gunpowder with the spirit and then try to light the gunpowder on fire.
Navy Strength gin bears a similar flavor to London Dry gin (citrusy juniper), but the high proof makes it a superior choice in very flavorful, aromatic cocktails.

Archie Rose – distiller’s strength

An overproof gin, packed with sixteen individually distilled botanicals, including fresh pears from Orange in NSW, rose petals, elderflower, pronounced juniper and distilled honey direct from our rooftop beehives.

Distinguished, complex and intense, with a higher ABV, Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength is for those who love bigger, bolder flavours.

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ELG GIN No. 3 is based on the same three distillates as ELG GIN No. 1, however as it contains 57.2 % alcohol it is diluted with less water. The 10 % higher content of alcohol means that 30% more flavour can be dissolved ,which gives it an even higher […]

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Four Pillars

After experimenting with some exclusive batches of a high-proof gin for the Gin Palace we decided to add fresh ‘Judy’s Everbearing’ native finger limes (alongside our beautiful organic oranges) for its first release in 2014.
This fresh citrus goes into the botanical basket, with some fresh ginger, giving our Navy […]

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The new expression boasts an abv of 57% and the botanicals for the navy strength edition were foraged by hand from local cliffs and forests in Caithness, in the far North of Scotland.

The brand’s name, Rock Rose Gin, derives from the distillery’s first botanical forage along the Pentland Firth cliffs […]

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Strongman Gin is a big, bold, dry style gin. It is made with over 5x the juniper berries used to make our Contortionist Gin. It features a blend of 11 exotic botanicals including cubeb berries from India, to grains of paradise from West Africa, and pink peppercorns from Brazil.

On the […]



At 57% York Gin Outlaw pushes the boundaries, like the city’s villains, Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin.

A double gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 – meaning it is one of the best gins in the world.

Higher alcohol; stronger flavours. York Gin Outlaw is a Navy […]

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