Half of our London dry style gin is aged in casks for at least 20 years!

We applied our knowledge of maturing great whiskies and as a result Fifty/50 has taken on many of these classic characteristics. For the first 10 years we chose virgin oak casks, this to infuse sweet […]


Kleine Freiheit

Since 1601, craftsmen not belonging to a guild in parts of Altona (Hamburg) enjoyed special religious and commercial freedoms. This area became known under the name “Freiheit” (Freedom) – and with it since the 17th century the streets “Grosse & Kleine Freiheit” (“Great” & “Little Freedom”) on Hamburg St. Pauli.

In […]

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Pyynikin Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea Gin

Pyynikin Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea Gin is distilled with Chinese tea, smoked with resiny roots from the coniferous trees. It’s flavor is a combination of tarry smoke, black tea, and traditional gin spices.

Pyynikin Distiller’s Lab Series offers distillates that are made with unusual ingredients and techniques.

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We hand-make all our award-winning Yorkshire gins in small batches in our sustainable York distillery. They are the only gins made in the city.

Our gins have won top awards at the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions.

Our distillery and shop run on 100% green energy. All our products and packaging are […]

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