The BEERENKRÄFTE Gin is a strong, multi-layered and particularly harmonious gin from Styria, Austria on the palate.

It is produced in small quantities of 360 bottles / batch with typical gin ingredients such as juniper, coriander and some other botanicals.

In addition to elderflower, lemon and orange zest, the Berry Powers Gin […]


Löwen Dry Gin

With great care we use local roots, mountain herbs, flowers and juniper in our mountain distillery. In front of our warm Bregenzerwald tiled stove, we let the gin rest to fully unfold its distinctive character.

After its resting phase, the gin batch is distilled particularly gently and slowly under the strict […]

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For our Organic Premium Gin we use only organic juniper, coriander, lavender and orange peel, which grow in Italy and Croatia, as well as cubebe pepper from Indonesia. O. Gin consists of 24 different herbs and spices, also called Botanicals. We put great emphasis on the refreshing note in the […]

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The fine formula of 12 different alpine herbs and hand-picked spices makes the Roter Turm gin as unique as the region where this fine spirit is made.
Masterfully distilled and bottled in small batches, it captivates through the harmonious interplay of diverse aromas, such as those of the rowan berry, […]

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Our Styrian Dry Gin is produced strictly on the method of London Dry Gin. First, we macerate our agrarian alcohol with our 28 botanicals for a few days. Macerate, by […]



Wonderful juniper aromas, fine citrus notes and fragrant flowers, united in our new VAN DEN BERG – LONDON DRY GIN

Purely enjoyed or refreshing with tonic water and a slice of cucumber.

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Wien Gin

Wien Gin combines all features of Vienna: playfulness, gracefulness, liveliness, coolness and tradition – but Wien Gin indicates also a modern and distinctively charming nature.

The wonderful tastes of elderflower and fruits support the typical flavor of juniper berry.  This unique combination makes this gin a very typical Viennese drinking experience.

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