The most exclusive gift you can give a gin enthusiast this year. Enjoy a lively combination of subtle, bitter coca, with bright notes of tamarillo, papaya, and South American dragon fruit.


Bishop’s Gin

Bishop’s Gin is full of natural ingredients to deliver the exceptional London Dry. It comprises nine of the finest botanicals including the subtle, peppery nasturtium flower. It beautifully balances juniper with citrus, spicy and sweet notes – sweeping the tongue with sweet liquorice before a burst of fresh, tangy lemon […]

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This conceptual gin has been made for Bistro Bruut in Bruges. Our client wanted two main things in the gin: first, ‘Gruut’, the medieval spices that were used for brewing beer and second ‘Mede’, the medieval honey wine referring to the bridge next to the restaurant. The branding was done […]



Joumani Premium Gin, is perfectly layered gin with high quality botanicals. Orange in the nose and a hint of cinnamon. These tastes blend perfectly in the mouth. In the mid build a pleasant warmth comes forward from ginger, then everything fades away gently in a long finish.

Subtle aroma of orange […]



Kanjer is a modest gin. No dozens of botanicals, eccentric herbs or addition of distillates. Kanjer is a creation of carefully selected natural botanicals.


Mister Y.

-A true mystery-

After a long search for the perfect gin, the distillers were giving up.
They decided to give it one last try.
But the gasses of previous attempts found their way out of the copper pot still into the room while mixing the botanicals for the last batch.
Because of the gasses, […]

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X – Gin

X-Gin combines juniper berry with 15 herbs and several of the best spices known to man.
It has the taste of passion with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla.
Its pure and soft aromas provoke an intense feeling of pleasure.

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