C’est Nous

Premium Gin Français, distilled in a copper pot still in Normandie. Crafted using French Wheat Alcohol and 8 botanicals, C’est Nous Gin is aromatic and fresh, perfect for a G&T, cocktails or drinking neat.

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Citadelle Gin exudes delicate aromas of fresh flowers highlighted by more assertive citric scents. Once served, it emanates more intense, herbaceous notes of juniper and anise; then, the spicy cinnamon side softens the nose, bringing a very gourmand dimension to the gin. On the palate, the juniper cedes to a […]



This delicious premium gin is made using the best quality neutral grain spirit produced from French wheat, and the complex flavors and aromas of juniper, citrus peel and orange blossom are enhanced by the unusual, subtly different botanicals, infusions of cucumber and rose petals.

Savor the simplicity of this elegant […]



This juniper-driven gin is a classic gin at heart – full-bodied and fresh, with depth, clarity, and above all else flavour. It features locally-sourced botanicals, including anise, angelica root, cinnamon, orange peel, coriander and cassia bark.

The result is a very clean, subtly sweet and intricately-balanced tipple with cinnamon, orange peel […]



Imagine a Gin like a perfect garden or an dream grove
Rich of multiple essences: Citrus, pinkberries, blood oranges, grey pepper, elderberries, lime, juniper, …

Generous is like the essence of a perfect tree which would offer all the best aromas on earth.

All the ingredients of our gin are natural. Some are […]


Lord de Barbès

This magnificent gin is hand distilled near Cognac in real copper stills out of 9 aphrodisiac botanicals.

It is distilled with wheat spirit, juniper berries, dried mango, ginger, coriander, maniguette, nutmeg, angelica and cardamom.

The used water, drawn from a depth of 740 meters, comes from the source of the square of […]

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Manguin has captured the quintessence of Olive to create this Olive Gin: Slow maceration of 3 varieties of olives from the soil of the Haute-Provence, distillation in the Charentais copper still, progressive reductions, rest in the workshop with contrasting temperatures. Pure light of the sunny juniper by the vivacity of […]



THE PERFECT OSMOSIS … between two persons, two styles and two personalities: «CLASSIC» for Laurent Vallet and «CITRUS» for Elodie Vallet.
150 years of expérience in the spirits world • Know-how since 6 generations in the PREMIUM spirits • French gin crafted from grapes • A challenge to follow the evolution […]



Distilled Gin From Burgundy
15 Botanicals + a subtle note of Chardonnay and Pineau Noir Eau de vie coming form the prestigious burgundy vineyards.

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