Elephant Gin produces award-winning handcrafted premium gin products made with rare African botanicals.

While its story started in South Africa, Elephant Gin is handmade in Germany with a focus on highest quality production standards.

All ingredients are hand-selected, bottles custom-made, labels hand-written and production efforts controlled by working in small batches.

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The lemons growing in the gardens of the western Algarve often have the size of grapefruit, pods thick like a thumb and a lemon flavor that you might know only from your childhood. The beauty of simplicity for GIN SUL is, for example, the excellent organic juniper or fresh rosemary. […]

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Kleine Freiheit

Since 1601, craftsmen not belonging to a guild in parts of Altona (Hamburg) enjoyed special religious and commercial freedoms. This area became known under the name “Freiheit” (Freedom) – and with it since the 17th century the streets “Grosse & Kleine Freiheit” (“Great” & “Little Freedom”) on Hamburg St. Pauli.

In […]

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Kaum einem anderem Gewürz wird so viel nachgesagt, wie der Tonka Bohne.
Äußerlich unscheinbar, gilt die betörende und aromatische Tonka-Bohne in ihrem Herkunftsland Brasilien sogar als Glücksbringer.

Ihr Intensives Aroma verleiht unserem TONKA-GIN seinen unverwechselbaren, eleganten und einzigartigen Geschmack.
Noten wie süße Vanille, herbe Bittermandel und würzige Heublumen sorgen für eine überraschende […]



The Gin is made with carefully selected ingredients from the plant world (much of it from certified organic farming) that give its wonderfully balanced taste. For the production 50 different ingredients are used.

The key to the peculiarity of this gin lies in the suppleness and the special scent. When you […]

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