The Bruderkuss Gin Berlin is the new Luxury Dry Gin by actor Bruno Eyron. It is one of the most interesting novelties of the German gin scene. This classic dry gin with juniper berries, citrus, lavender, coriander, angelica root, ginger and handpicked herbs and essences deserves the addition of “Luxury”.

Above […]



Very elegant and at the same time complex. Beautiful spice of the juniper berries, supported by fine citrus notes, floral components such as Riesling blossoms, a hint of lavender and delicate hints of Japanese cherry blossom

A powerful distillate on the palate, on which the aromas of the fragrance are repeated. […]

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The heart of this creation is the spirit of discovery. It drove Fridericus Rex to bring the potato to Germany and inspired us to produce a gin from it.

Classic juniper berries, lemons and coriander combined with our potatoes cultivated in rich volcanic soil result in a traditional gin aroma […]

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