BORDIGA – gin dry

Distilled as tradition would dictate, in copper stilled fueled by traditional wood burners, it is produced from a base of juniper berries fresh from the Maritime Alps.

Wonderfully perfumed with weighty base notes adding body and depth, intense juniper shines through, setting this dry gin apart from contemporary premium distillations.

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BORDIGA – gin rosa

When juniper berries are introduced to the sweet sumptuousness of the queen of flowers, the rose, an extraordinary mix of flavors and scent is born. The rich botanicals present in this gin are mixed in the final distillation with fresh rode buds, taking on a delicate floral aroma.

Sweet and elegant […]

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BORDIGA – gin smoke

A world First. Created completely by accident. A batch of junipers were left to the wood fire stills and picked up the smoke aroma. Upon discovering this the distiller experimented with the junipers. After some trial and error he perfected the recipe, and here you have it! The worlds first […]

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Or ‘Ginepro Secco delle Alpi’, as it was once known…

Named after the dialect and Nord Italian region in which it was created, the first batch of Occitan was first distilled at the turn of the 20th century, making it Italy´s oldest known gin recipe and the Italia gin with the […]


Panarea Island

Panarea Islan Gin is a botanical gin produced in Italy by the Inga family, which has a long tradition of distributors since 1838.

The name “Panarea” tributes to both origins: The Sicilian roots of the Inga family and their rich cultural heritage and the homonymous island, pearl of the Aeolian islands, […]

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