Adamus is a handcrafted premium gin from Portugal. To create this gin, we searched for the best and most special botanicals in Portugal. We tested 86 natural botanicals and from those, we selected the best 18. This is the only gin in the world in which one of the botanicals […]



This Portuguese Gin owes his balance and freshness to the combination between craft production methods – distilled in traditional alembic and bottled by hand – and the incorporation of six botanical thought to ensure the integrity of a Classic Gin and irreverence of a new generation of Gin with fruity […]

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Started in October 2013 the SHARISH GIN project is a new Portuguese gin produced in Monsaraz, a village in the Alentejo region of Portugal by António Cuco. Used during the Muslim occupation, the Arabic term “sharish”, means xara or jara, the very Estella alentejana (Cistus ladanifer). The gin is part […]



Created and developed in the quiet and humble village of Alagoa, it was born to be savored and toasted by a group of friends who at Thursdays every 15 days get together to snack, unwind and drink a few cups as a family!

Distilled in small quantities in a Traditional Alembic, […]



Produced in Atiães / Vila Verde (Portugal), the so-called Valley Gin gets his name from Gerês, situated between valleys and mountains.

This Gin is created from 7 individual distillations with 9 botanicals.

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