A cereal alcohol based spirit, with aromatic herbs and spices, aka the botanicals.

In more than four hundred years, for sure, to gin consumers occurred to taste all possible variation on the theme, and the contrary of each one. Never, though, a premium gin made in Brazil (and, after all, there […]



Gin feroz is an aromatic gin distilled by Fitzroy Spirits in Santiago, Chile. Made with pure grain neutral spirit produced mainly at our distillery. It is infused with 10 botanicals, most of which are endemic to this part of the world. It was awarded a Silver medal at the 2019 […]



A 140 year old ancient recipe and the creativity of Rolando Hilbing, our Master Distiller gave birth to Hilbing Gin.
A mixture of five fine botanicals that feel and combine harmoniously in aroma and the fresh and delicate flavor. The center of balance is in the passion and feeling of Malbec […]

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La República Andina

The first Premium Gin elaborated to more than 3,500 meters of height under original methods of elaboration. Fruit of 2 years researching, La República Andina is an unconventional, very fragrant and perfumed Geneva, the result of the use of herbs and fresh fruits in long macerations.

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Our Patagonian Dry Gin is Distilled in Puerto Natales, on the shore of the majestic Last Hope Sound.

Winters’ Bark Pepper, Maqui Berries, Lemon Verbena and Yerba Mate, along with eight traditional botanicals, combine to create a gin that is quintessentially Patagonian.
Last Hope Dry Gin is Citrus and spice-forward, along with […]

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With the aim of making a gin that had botanicals harvested throughout the country, Oid Mortales emerged, a Mar del Plata distillate that seeks to have the federal essence in its flavor. And it is precisely for this reason that the first two words of the Argentine National Anthem are […]

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Our ingredients were picked in the surrounding areas, especially near the Balcarce mountain ranges where the soil makes excellent botanical organic crops.

Juniper and floral, with notes of pepper, lemon grass, grapefruit and kinoto.


The aroma has a coastal touch, a reminiscent of the stones washed by the ocean tide. The aromatic […]



Tepaluma Gin is a small batch handcrafted London Dry Gin distilled by direct fire in a 500 L copper pot still, containing foraged Patagonian botanicals and spring water from glacier and snowmelt.
Inspired by the joy of great gins, the softness of patagonian water and the perfume of the air in […]



From 32 Destilaria from São Paulo, Brazil, comes a smooth and fresh gin perfect for refreshing drinks such as Gin & Tonic and the Fitzgerald.

With generous amounts oj Juniper, Cardamom, Lime and Orange Peels, as well as Almonds and Coriander Seeds, this gin was design specifically for these kind of […]

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