A cereal alcohol based spirit, with aromatic herbs and spices, aka the botanicals.

In more than four hundred years, for sure, to gin consumers occurred to taste all possible variation on the theme, and the contrary of each one. Never, though, a premium gin made in Brazil (and, after all, there […]



From 32 Destilaria from São Paulo, Brazil, comes a smooth and fresh gin perfect for refreshing drinks such as Gin & Tonic and the Fitzgerald.

With generous amounts oj Juniper, Cardamom, Lime and Orange Peels, as well as Almonds and Coriander Seeds, this gin was design specifically for these kind of […]



The Viajador is a striking and complex London Dry Gin made with neutral cereal alcohol. It is produced by hand. Distilled 3 times. It has a complex flavor and strong aroma.

The recipe was built in layers with the infusion of 9 botanists. First the Bulgarian juniper in greater quantity serving […]

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