1724 Tonic Water

A product should represent the perfect execution of an idea. This is why we seek a specific spot on a map, a recipe, the hands of a craftsman, the precise flavour, the most delicate bubble. Because there could be 1724 ways to reach for your goal, but only one path […]

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Born and bred in Scotland.
Scottish water, Scottish botanicals and British sugar beet. And that, in turn, is why it tastes so damn good.
No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives. Even better, it’s got 24% less sugar than the leading premium tonic.

We source our Scottish mountain water from ancient springs, high in the […]



Enter Harry Craddock, who was known in the 1930s for his fantastic cocktails at iconic London destinations, The Savoy and The Dorchester Hotel. In his journals and recipes he often spoke of using the ‘forbidden fruit’ and his secrets remained somewhat shrouded in mystery until recent years.

Inspired by Craddock, we’ve […]

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GinLisch Dry Gin impresses with its 17 high-quality botanicals. These have been carefully selected and put together and impress with their unique taste.
In addition to a mild violet note, we have processed spicy pink pepper, fruity lemongrass, hop blossom, cocoa, macadamia and the ever-popular juniper berry in our innovative German […]



In our Kreuzberg Tonic, the dark tones of yellow cinchona chase the activating taste of organic lemons. Lime and lemongrass round out the game.

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Sometimes you might want your drink skinny (especially on a week night!), so here we have Refreshingly Light – offering the same clean, fresh taste as the Classic Indian Tonic, but with over 60% less sugar. Oh, and it contains only all-natural ingredients with no nasty artificial sweeteners. Double win!

Great […]

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