1724 Tonic Water

A product should represent the perfect execution of an idea. This is why we seek a specific spot on a map, a recipe, the hands of a craftsman, the precise flavour, the most delicate bubble. Because there could be 1724 ways to reach for your goal, but only one path […]

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Pyynikin Recycled Citrus

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin is a gin distilled with 100% biowaste spices.

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin is a crafted collaboration with Tiima Cocktail Bar in Tampere, Finland. We have reused Tiima’s lemons and limes that have been pressed in to juice and would otherwise be biowaste. Recycled Citrus Gin was decided […]

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Sir Edmond Gin is founded on a simple idea: to create a gin that stands out and is truly different. Unique, versatile and full of character. In a long search for the ideal ingredients, destiny led the makers to the fantastic ingredient Bourbon vanilla, taking inspiration from Michelin star chefs […]

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