Adler Berlin

Adler Berlin Dry Gin is a high-quality German gin from the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur in Berlin.

This gin is made according to a recipe developed in 1874 and it's free of artificial additives. In addition to the classic juniper berries also coriander, lavender, ginger and lemon peel are used. These are mixed with a wheat distillate, which forms the alcoholic base. Followed by a careful vacuum distillation, which is particularly good at maintaining the fine flavors at a temperature below 80 °C. After dilution to 42% drinking strength, a second distillation follows before the gin is allowed to store in stoneware casks for three months.

The nose immediately absorbs typical juniper aromas, which are wonderfully complemented by fresh citrus notes and a delicate scent of spruce.
On the palate, Adler Berlin Dry Gin displays a wonderfully complex aroma profile. The juniper is not quite as present like other gins, but mainly floral notes and lavender emerge. Together with lemon, liquorice and spruce needles, a harmonious rounded taste is created, which is supported by the gentle pungency of the alcohol.

Classified as Crafted Gin