A new and unique gin experience for the true connoisseurs and all those who can appreciate the very best of what a Mediterranean gin has to offer.

BCN Gin distilled in the quiet mountains of the Priorat and savoured in roaring Barcelona.

Between tradition and modernity lie the roots of the spirit that transformed Barcelona in the capital of a new lifestyle.
BCN GIN bridges mountain and sea, nature and urbanity, tradition and modernismo.

With sparkling tonic, the bridge is complete: the common sense of Catalan rural life meets the Dionysian effervescence of Barcelona.

Cool and limpid, the water we use comes strictly from our well Font del Mas Petit.
This pure water, high in mineral content, is perfect for the full expression of the botanicals found in our gin.

These botanicals, all local, include:
Juniper berries, rosemary, fennel, pine shoots, and especially figs.

We then combine these botanicals from the remote mountains of the Priorat
with lemon peels from South-Catalonia to produce
an exquisite coastline mountain-range Mediterranean gin.


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