Berliner Bandstifter

Guided by the vision of creating a gin that would embody the spirit of Berlin, Berliner Brandstifter extended its product range in 2013 and launched the Berlin Dry Gin.

An experience for the senses, each bottle of gin takes you on a journey through the city’s sunniest days; elderflowers in full bloom, delicate mallow growing in the fields, the sweet scent of woodruff in the air that surprises you on a stroll through the woods.

The fresh taste of Berliner Brandstifter Gin is like taking a wonderful walk on a careless summer day in the capital.


The Flavour

The foundation of the gin’s strong character lies in the juniper. The flavour is perfectly rounded off with a hint of fresh blossoms and a unique freshness. It carefully balances smooth, soft and flowery nuances with the complex and refined foundation of a classic gin. The floral notes harmonize perfectly with the sophisticated juniper aromas. It’s unique character unfolds wonderfully when served on the rocks. Enjoyed in its purest form it is neither boring, nor overpowering.

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