Alpine juniper, Alpine roses and chocolate mint form the core element - a real Swiss Gin

The Rhaeto-Romanic Swiss mountain village of Breil / Brigels lies at over 1,200 meters and inspired Beat Sidler and Gustav Inglin, the two founders of Breil Pur SA, to produce a purely organic gin. Together with Dr. David Clutton (England), one of the world's most renowned GIN experts, they developed the top secret recipe.

Hint: The Breil Pur is produced in the Destillaria Candinas in Surrein, which has a nearly 200-year-old distillery tradition. The gin consists of high-quality organic wheat and pure spring water from the Grisons mountains. In addition, selected, hand-picked organic botanicals from Switzerland: Alpine juniper, Alpine roses and chocolate mint form the core element. The other botanicals used are top secret, not even the burner Gion Candinas knows the exact recipe.

The gin is burned in a copper still fired with fir and ash wood. The distillate is then bottled by hand, labeled and individually numbered with a seal on the bottleneck.

Classified as Crafted Gin

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