The Cherryblossom - a true exclusive "small batch" gin - is distilled between thousands of cherry trees in the beautiful Eggenertal. Due to the maximum capacity of the small home distillery, which is operated in the third generation, each batch is limited to a maximum of 160 bottles (à 0.5l).
Our gin is hand-filled into the square designer bottle, labeled and numbered.

Our gin convinces with an intense juniper aroma, a light, refreshing citrus note, coriander, cherry blossoms and the aroma of local herbs. The individual components are perfectly balanced.
The finish it remains distinctly spicy and long-lasting.

It is not filtered, so the full flavor of our botanicals remains. The ethereal components cause slight cloudiness, which makes this gin incomparable: for the benefit of the aroma. The water for the Cherryblossom comes from a natural source of the native Blue Massif.

Classified as Crafted Gin