Edelwhite Gin contains the mystical Edelweiss, which represents the lifestyle of the Swiss Alps. The essence is formed from medicinal plants from our rough mountains and valleys. The regional burner, which works exclusively with pure, alpine water and wood fire, takes care of the distillation in the copper kettle.

The Edelwhite Gin is created from 27 botanicals. 14 of them come from fields, meadows, bogs and mountains in the Swiss Entlebuch region.

Whatever we cannot find and plant ourselves, we buy from the «Entlebucher herbs cooperative», the organization guarantees the regionality and local farms can generate an additional income.

The other 13 botanicals are of the highest quality and of organic origin. Our goal is to be able to trace the origin of all plants.

Tasting note:

Tender juniper on the nose, followed by fresh citrus notes and light floral nuances.

Vibrant citrus fruits on the palate, refined with pine, delicate herbs and flowers, followed by strong spiciness and some grassy-fresh nuances.

Medium-long finish with a persistent, peppery ginger note.