ELG GIN No. 2 is an “Old Tom” gin. Tom Chamberlain also known as “Old Tom” was master distiller and partner of Hodges Distillery.

ELG GIN No. 2 is based on the same three distillates as ELG No.1, to which is added an alcoholic extract of juniper, which gives the gin its unique dark colour, it contains a variety of flavour in addition to juniper and a possesses a slight sweetness.

The extract is produced by soaking dried juniper berries in 50 % pure wheat alcohol for four weeks. The result is an extract containing a wide variety of the flavours and sugars, which in ELG GIN No. 1 is removed by the distillation process. It contains 46.3 % alcohol.

Drink it neat, “on the rocks” or enjoy it in drinks with ginger beer such as Gin & Stormy.