FUNKY PUMP - Bloody Orange

Funky Pump's Bloody Orange Gin shows up in the legendary "gas bottle" in bright orange.

Added to the summery and multi-faceted gin are sun-ripened, juicy organic Tarocco blood oranges from Sicily.

The Funky Pump Bloody Orange Gin was awarded 92/100 points at the Falstaff Spirits Trophy 2021.


Tasting Notes:

On the nose: refreshing fruity citrus tones with subtle spicy nuances.
Palate: floral aromas combine with juicy blood oranges and pleasant juniper.
The finish: The finish is very long, with intense freshness.

Our recommendation:
Enjoy this Lechtaler Gin at best pure or with a Mediterranean tonic water. Of course, it also shows its summery aroma dress in cocktails from its best side.