Kleine Freiheit

Since 1601, craftsmen not belonging to a guild in parts of Altona (Hamburg) enjoyed special religious and commercial freedoms. This area became known under the name "Freiheit" (Freedom) - and with it since the 17th century the streets "Grosse & Kleine Freiheit" ("Great" & "Little Freedom") on Hamburg St. Pauli.

In tradition of this freedom we also took this freedom to distill a special declaration of love to our hometown.
In addition to Tuscan juniper, cumin, anise, fennel, also dill and lemons were macerated.

In a lengthy percolation, we have extracted five special pepper varieties and gently distilled everything together. Last but not least, our gin spent a sinful night in old aquavit oak barrels before finding its way into the typical GIN SUL bottle.

- 2017 Limited edition of 4000 bottles -