Löwen Dry Gin

With great care we use local roots, mountain herbs, flowers and juniper in our mountain distillery. In front of our warm Bregenzerwald tiled stove, we let the gin rest to fully unfold its distinctive character.

After its resting phase, the gin batch is distilled particularly gently and slowly under the strict observation of our firing master. So we gain the maximum of primary aromas of roots, herbs, flowers and juniper.

In the basement of the mountain distillery, the Löwen Dry Gin is stored cool in old stoneware containers. Again, we give the gin enough time to come to terms with the stoneware.

After months, a harmonious whole has developed from roots, mountain herbs, flowers, juniper and earthenware.
The gin is filled into exclusive mouth-blown designer bottles, carefully packaged, stamped and sealed - making each piece unique.

The elegant juniper notes immediately make you think of the Austrian mountains.

The Löwen Dry Gin triggers an incomparable taste experience: The typical juniper note follows the gentle taste of citrus fruits. The strong aroma of the Alpine herbs is complemented by the floral note of the flowers - a dry gin of a special kind.