N° 3

No.3 Gin is the only London Dry Gin that they distil to our own proprietary recipe, using small traditional pot stills.

he chosen botanicals are carefully weighed and placed in a clean, copper pot still. Pure grain alcohol is diluted with demineralised water and added to the botanicals. This is stirred gently and then left to steep overnight. This allows full extraction of the essential oils from the botanical ingredients.

The next morning, distillation begins. The pot still is heated, turning the liquid to vapour before condensing back to liquid form. After a resting period and further filtration, the gin is diluted to a strength of 46% alcohol by volume, before being bottled.

Distiling the finest gin takes a high level of skill and years of experience. This is why the Master Distiller, working closely with Dr. Clutton, presides over every batch of No.3 Gin.


Bright, crisp and fresh with an uplifting welcome of juniper.

Juniper to the fore, supported by floral notes and spicy, warm cardamom. Plenty of citrus ‘zing’ complemented by the gingery spiciness of coriander.

The earthy dryness of angelica kicks in.