A classical Gin carries a bit of British, Dutch, Spanish and, of course, German history. The convincing and unique taste of a Black Forest Gin, like Needle, is not only the combination of classic Gins, but also the love given by the Black Forest master distillers.

Needle is the special Black Forest experience. The logo reflects the so-called “common spruce” (Picea abies), which gives the Needle a special touch and distinctive aroma. During a walk in the beautiful Black Forest of Baden, it is this unique smell of spruce needles that makes a day recreative and exciting and at the same time. It’s precisely this experience that is revealed to the connoisseur when removing the real wood cork of the Needle and when getting spoiled with 10 impressive Botanicals.

The green pharmacy bottle conceals a distillate based on aromatic juniper berries. Besides flowery lavender in accordance with the typical pungency of ginger characterize the taste. Furthermore the Needle indulges with a citrus note of sun-ripened lemons and oranges of best quality. A touch of orient is attached by the addition of pimento and cinnamon.

But it’s the hand-picked spruce needles, which give the Needle his name and unmistakable character.