GIN in a TIN - No. 16

Inspired by the process of making an excellent espresso and a wonderfully frothy cappuccino, alongside the smells and tastes of good hearty home cooking during the winter months. This blend has distinctive notes of pink pepper, cardamom and coffee, as well as many other botanicals centred around juniper. Although inspired and developed in the season of winter, this gin is full of complexity, with subtle yet delicious refreshing notes to finish. It makes an excellent summer G&T.


Tasting Notes

The Nose: A lovely balance of pink pepper, cardamom throughout and coffee to finish.

The Mouth: Cardamom lies at the forefront, with juniper in the body. The spice of pink pepper follows and coffee is on the finish, leaving you with a warm yet refreshing and light taste.


Serving Suggestions
As a classic G&T with Schweppes original no-nonsense tonic water and garnish with a coffee bean and ice.

Allergen Advice: May Contain Wheat


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