Organic Premium Gin

For our Organic Premium Gin we use only organic juniper, coriander, lavender and orange peel, which grow in Italy and Croatia, as well as cubebe pepper from Indonesia. O. Gin consists of 24 different herbs and spices, also called Botanicals. We put great emphasis on the refreshing note in the gin, so we use lemon and orange peel. It must not be too intrusive and must harmonize well with juniper and coriander. The cubebe pepper gives the O. Gin a fine spicy note. The rest of the recipe remains a mystery. The herbs and spices are carefully weighed and mixed. The botanicals are macerated for several days in the high percentage organic wheat distillate, so that the flavorings of the alcohol can be better absorbed.

Subsequently, the mixture is distilled in the still. The high-proof O. Gin matures for one year in a stainless steel container, so that he can develop his character even better. Fter this chilling procedure the gin mated with rock water from its own source in the Mühlviertel. Due to the extremely high water quality, the gin gets its extremely mild and soft finish.