With the aim of making a gin that had botanicals harvested throughout the country, Oid Mortales emerged, a Mar del Plata distillate that seeks to have the federal essence in its flavor. And it is precisely for this reason that the first two words of the Argentine National Anthem are named.

This path that is generated from the search for identity, an identity that in the words of its creators implies "that makes us feel proud and, at the same time, represents the quality of the raw material that we have in our country." For this reason the recipe includes ingredients from each region.

A unique recipe thought and developed by three friends where we Infuse and distill, Juniper and Rosehip produced in Patagonia; Coriander, Chamomile and Cucumber grown in the Pampeana region; Orange peels produced in Entre Ríos; Lemon peels Tucumanos; Licorice, Pepper and Root of Angelica from Cordovan fields and Muña Muña from Jujuy soil.
As a result of a careful, patient and artisanal process, we arrive at this high-quality and highly balanced Gin.




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