Pyynikin Payday Craft Gin

Pyynikin Payday Craft Gin is a traditional London dry gin with strong juniper berry, lemon and liquorice flavours. It is soft, refreshing, strongly flavoured and 100% hand crafted.
Pyynikin Distilling Company is the first commercial distillery in Tampere, Finland after prohibition started in 1919. Payday Craft Gin was launched exactly 100 years after to celebrate the reborn of distillation production in Tampere.

Crafting from the forests of Finland, our distilling division continues in the footsteps that date back to 1932 and the end of prohibition. Our secretive bootleggers have stepped out of the shadowy woods and developed into the modern day distillers, showing the world why Finns are the happiest people. The heart of the process derives from the deepest forest and shores of thousand lakes. We combine our passion with the finest ingredients and purest water of Finland.




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