Each one meticulously chosen for their flavour properties to create the perfect taste.

The new expression boasts an abv of 57% and the botanicals for the navy strength edition were foraged by hand from local cliffs and forests in Caithness, in the far North of Scotland.

The brand’s name, Rock Rose Gin, derives from the distillery’s first botanical forage along the Pentland Firth cliffs of Caithness, where rhodiola rosea (a rose in the rocks) was discovered, which is said to give a “delicate floral note” to the spirit.

Navy Strength Rock Rose Gin aims to showcase the heritage and provenance of Caithness and Pentland Firth, which was once a bustling passage way for mariners during the two World Wars when the navy founded its base for the Home Fleet in Scapa.

“Our wee home county of Caithness has strong links to the navy, so it feels fitting to launch a Navy Strength Rock Rose Gin,” commented Martin Murray, founder of Rock Rose Gin.

“We also noticed a real demand from bars to showcase the taste of Rock Rose Gin in their cocktails and this higher abv means that our unique flavours remain prominent when served with other ingredients.

“We really enjoy the difference in taste from this higher abv.”

Source: The Spirit Business