Our flagship spirit is packed full of unique wild Stirlingshire nettles.
Sealed with a hand-dipped wax seal, and decorated with unique illustrations of the Wallace Monument and the Old Stirling Bridge by Ritchie Collins, this is the gift all gin-lovers should have occupying pride of place in their drinks cabinet.

Stirling Gin can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. See our tasting notes and gin cocktails suggestions.

Our signature gin, with six botanicals carefully chosen to reflect the unique flavour of Stirlingshire’s countryside alongside fresh herbal tones. Basil and citrus peel combine with bold juniper notes to afford a complex spirit. The smooth, lingering finish carries a peppery tang and at 43% the mouthfeel is both spicy and dry. By using local nettles we are working to provide a sustainably sourced spirit with links to our Stirling heritage.


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