TRII GIN is a high-proof declaration of love to the island of Sylt - our home. And that starts with the name: "Trii" is Sylt Frisian for "three".

The Frisian blue bottle label features North Sea waves as well as a classic Sylt tile with hand-drawn botanicals.

The label presents the lyrics of "Üüs Sölring Lön" ("Our Sylt Land"), the unofficial national song of the Sylt people.

The bottle seal with the world-famous outline of the island completes the total work of art TRII GIN.

With TRII GIN you bring Sylt into your home - as a souvenir of a beautiful vacation or as a stylish souvenir for good friends!


Beautifully tart: juniper
Fruity & fresh: lemon and orange
Delightfully velvety: Vanilla
Wild & spicy: rosemary and thyme
Wonderful & complex: allspice, rose petal, licorice root and 6 other subtleties.




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