Kesselbrüder GmbH

    • Koschiergasse 25
    • Vienna
    • 1210
    • Austria

Enjoy this drinking experience of the charming and one of a kind „Vienna lifestyle“

Three friends decided to embrace a unique way in which they wanted to express their love for their city of Vienna.

Their basic principle confidently and clearly states "We are the Wiener Kesselbrüder"!

After years of experimenting in the distillary, the friends created what is now known as the `Wien Gin` characterized by its flavourful elderflower, and the excellent aroma of the fruits, which brings the juniperberry taste to a whole different level of deliciousness!

  • Tangy Pleasure
  • Traditional but yet a modern taste
  • Unmistakable through its charming character
  • Invites you to stay longer

Enjoy this drinking experience of the charming and one of a kind „Vienna lifestyle“