The GINTEREST Club was founded in Switzerland in 2018.

It began as a small gin community. During an extensive tasting, the idea was born to create an online gin encyclopaedia where you can rate gins, search for specific botanicals or by country.

Today, we are proud to provide a platform for gin lovers to discover and rate gins from all over the world.

May the spirits be with you!



In a word: NONE!

No fees, no payments, nothing. We know – it’s quite unusual these days to offer such a “service” for free. But it is. The site is made by gin lovers for gin lovers. It is simply informative – and if we can help micro-distilleries around the world, we are super-duper-happy.

The “buy” link on the gin page is set by the distillery, we don’t want or get any sales commission for providing the link. It’s just handy for gin lovers who are interested in buying the product.



Submitting your product, distillery or gin bar via our SUBMISSION SITE is completely free!

We know that the list to choose from is quite large. The range of botanicals used is also growing since the launch of the site.

By the way, if you don’t have a cut-out image of your gin or tonic, just take a nice one against a white background and we’ll cut it out for you in Photoshop. As a free service.

Once submitted, our team will review your submission and put it online or contact you if anything is missing.



Every product review is monitored. This does not mean that we delete bad or good reviews – but we do want to keep reviews free from spam.

We want them to be fair and informative.



The pictures we post on our Instagram account are taken at private club tastings. The gins we get to taste are bought. From time to time we get a sample from a distillery.

I am a photographer and desktop publisher and I started this on my own – a couple of years ago :) Sometimes I get some pictures that are not cut out – so I do it in Photoshop for free, just for the sake of the brand. I know it sounds strange nowadays that someone would do something for free. Well, we do it :)

Think of it as a service to all the great micro-distilleries, gin bars & tonic producers out there who provide us with such wonderful and tasty drinks! :)



For further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our Instagram account or write at:

Cheers, all the best, stay save!

”The GINTEREST.CLUB is 100% free – and will always be!”