987 is a London Dry Gin, with hints of aromatic herbs and citrus fruits. It is the result of 8 distillations, performed in copper pot stills using the maceration of 14 botanicals and citrus fruits, including as well as Juniper and Vanilla Pods, Thyme, Bitter Chamomile, Lavender and Mencía Wine, all of them from El Bierzo.
Our botanicals and citrus fruits are independently distilled twice in an 1880 copper pot still.
The full grain alcohol used in its production is distilled five times, free of genetic manipulation, and comes from one of the best distilleries in Europe. After that, it is slowly filtered and bottled by hand.


    Symphony of juniper and fresh herbs aromas with flowery notes and sweet and spiced feelings, well put together under a layer of wine notes.


    Soft, creamy and oily at first. Explosion of Juniper and fresh herbs flavours well combined with Mencía wine touches. Later turning slightly sweet, pleasantly spiced with flowery and vanilla notes.