• Peter-Marquard-Straße 5
    • Hamburg
    • 22303
    • Germany

Weisswange Gins and Mixers are not products of a hip marketing agency with a constructed product story. No old recipes were found in the basement dungeon of a legendary castle ruin, nor in the treasure chest of a sunken legendary ocean liner.

The diverse beverage portfolio was created with passion and craftsmanship by Kim Weisswange. The native South African with Hamburg (Germany) as city of choice, Kim Weisswange is one of the leading fragrance creators of our time. For over 25 years she has been producing bestsellers for well-known companies. She became famous for her individual, tailor-made fragrances. Her unique perfumes are described as the haute couture of fragrances. Weisswange's customer list reads like the who-is-who of internationally known personalities.

For some years now she has been distilling and creating gin and exceptional soft drinks in her Hamburg-based manufactory. It makes them just as virtuoso and conscientious as their perfumes, as the manufacturing processes are very similar.