The first Gin made in Puglia with extra virgin olive oil.
Gin di Puglia is a London Dry Gin, produced and bottled in Puglia, distilled with extra virgin olive oil.

Its production starts from a careful selection of homegrown and essential ingredients such as best quality botanicals (juniper, coriander, licorice roots and […]

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Gin Mare opens the door to a new variety of gins, with a novel pan-Mediterranean concept that unites the different cultures around this sea representing their botanical stars such as:
Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and rosemary

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Lilliput Dorset

Lilliput Dorset Gin is distilled with pride in Dorset from our very own home-grown organic Rosemary, organic Basil from Egypt, organic Thyme from Spain and organic fresh water fermented Kalamata Olives from Greece.
For us, this combination of tastes and aromas evoke the feeling of being by the coast and best […]

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Manguin has captured the quintessence of Olive to create this Olive Gin: Slow maceration of 3 varieties of olives from the soil of the Haute-Provence, distillation in the Charentais copper still, progressive reductions, rest in the workshop with contrasting temperatures. Pure light of the sunny juniper by the vivacity of […]

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