2006 Forster Ungeheuer

2006 Forster Ungeheuer Riesling Trockenbeerenaulsese - GIN

The Reichsrat von Buhl winery and Inge & der Honigbär Gin share a close friendship. This gin, created especially for Reichsrat von Buhl, was distilled from the best botanicals by Ingo Holland, Germany's spice guru, in a small 60l still. First, a classic London Dry Gin, which was initially for 8 weeks in steel barrels, and then again for 8 days in a new barrique barrel was allowed to mature. Juniper, verbena, chili, cranberry, tangerine and cinnamon were used. Subsequently, 8% 2006 Ungeheuer Trockenbeerenauslese was added.

- limited quantity -

Unique taste and mouthfeel. Right from the start in the mouth, the gin cross-links the entire oral mucosa within a few milliseconds, causing the spiciness of chili and cinnamon to immediately wake up all taste receptors. A slight hint of tangerine provides the perfect transition to the increasingly mellow mouthfeel. The gentle, slightly sweet aromas of Trockenbeerenauslese now spread, giving a plump, warm sensation that feels like it will linger forever. The gentle finish favored by the verbena is followed by a veritable explosion of flavors.