ELG GIN No.1 is a classic, crystal clear all-round gin. It is based on juniper, coriander and carrot, but the taste is dominated by the flavour of juniper.

Elg No. 1 Gin is a Premium Danish Gin, produced at the Stone Grange Craft Distillery, situated in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Esrum, north of Copenhagen.

Produced in batches of 1,250 bottles, each labelled with batch and bottle number and signed by the Master Distiller, Henrik Elsner.

Elg is the Danish word for Moose. Elg No. 1 Gin was named after the Master Distiller, whose nickname is Elg. The Gin has earned many awards; among others double Gold at CWSA 2017 and Silver Outstanding at IWSC 2016.

With only three Botanicals, namely juniper, coriander and Danish carrots, the Distillery is able to produce a Gin with extraordinary precision. On the basis of a wheat distillate all 3 Botanicals are distilled separately using an advanced Column Still distillation method. This not only provides Elg No. 1 Gin with a unique purity and elegance, but also helps to maintain the same flavour and aroma profile in every batch, independent of fluctuations in the flavours of the Botanicals from year to year.

On the palate, this crystal clear Gin is dominated by the flavour of juniper. The carrots provide a pleasant mouth-feel and round off the piquant bitterness from the juniper with a subtle aromatic sweetness, whilst coriander adds a hint of lemon.

Elg No. 1 Gin becomes opalescent when diluted with water. This is a sign of quality, reflecting the high content of essential oils. Enjoy Elg No. 1 Gin “neat” or “on the rocks”; also perfect in aromatic Cocktails and in a classical Gin & Tonic, using a good tonic water with a hint of lemon.