Feiner Kappler

Inspired by the natural resources of our native Black Forest region, we started experimenting. Like any gin, the base of our Feiner Kappler Gin is set by juniper berries. Then there are the traditionally used botanicals coriander and angelica. With the flowers of hibiscus, lavender and elderberry, a floral note comes into play whose playful lightness demands a strong counterpart. The Thai kaffir lime flower, already familiar to us through various trips to Asia, perfectly fulfills this requirement with its aromatic freshness of fruit and leaves.
In August 2015 the common chicory suddenly attracted attention as the freshly crowned "plant of the month". Numerous myths are entwined around the ancient medicinal plant: it is said to make its wearer invincible in combat and possess a powerful love charm. There it was: our very special ingredient.


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