Strongman Gin is a big, bold, dry style gin. It is made with over 5x the juniper berries used to make our Contortionist Gin. It features a blend of 11 exotic botanicals including cubeb berries from India, to grains of paradise from West Africa, and pink peppercorns from Brazil.

On the Nose: Strongman Gin has a powerful aroma reminiscent of standing in a forest or relaxing in a cabin. Intense pine dominates the nose followed by bright peppery notes and with subtle notes of citrus and wood.

On the Palate: A big bold gin starting with a rich resinous pine flavor, leading way into a slightly sweet woody flavor, like pine sap. Enhancing and balancing the pine notes are the peppery notes coming from our unique blend of cubeb berries and three colors of peppercorn. Citrus takes a back seat in this gin but does show itself towards the end. Subtle and surprising hints of fruit, coming from pink peppercorn, appear throughout the flavor.

Finish: Slightly spicy and tingling with fresh pine pleasantly lingering until the next sip.