• 784 Chemin des Poiriers
    • Avignon
    • 84000
    • France

Creator of spirits since 1957

In 1957, the stills began to distil in order to concentrate in eaux-de-vie the superb aromas of the Manguin fruits: "the Pear Manguin" becomes a brandy of Poire Williams fleuron present on the great gastronomic tables in France as in internationally.

The Manguin distillery was taken over in March 2011 by Emmanuel and Béatrice Hanquiez: they undertook a renovation of the site and the production tool, a new dynamic of innovation without compromising on quality.

In 2015, the Maison Manguin creates the Distilled Olive which is now available on: ELAYOS Olive Distilled and which seduces renowned chefs and bartenders. ELAYOS Olive Appetizer is now Oli'Gin. The Olive Gin is conducive to the creation of cocktails with the scent of Provence that we suggest you discover in our blog section.