The first regional gin in northern Hesse

Calcareous grasslands and junipers make you think of Tuscany - northern Hessian junipers and selected botanicals of Mediterranean origin are combined in an honest composition in our gin. Strong and sweet local juniper and the aromas of grapefruit, orange and citrus combine in Fieldfare Diemel Dry Gin to form a strong base. 21 Botanicals characterize the strong yet highly complex character.

As the culmination of his run, each river flows into a sea. Fieldfare Diemel Dry Gin cites aromas of Sea Buckthorn and Atlantic Wakame algae as typical coastal and marine botanicals. That makes him unique among the exclusive gins of the world.

River, landscape, sea united in a gin. The river is sea ... and Fieldfare is both.

The whole in honest handwork - from collecting the juniper berries to filling the bottles - in small quantities, unfiltered, pure, without much talk, with special quality at a fair price.